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Go Fish Re-write

Title:Sink Or Float
Episode:Go Fish
Rating:PG (Yeah no naughties this time)
Warnings: No warnings really!
Disclaimer:Nope don't own BTVS or any affliation if i did my spike robot would be broken.
Author's Notes

Obviously set Go Fish Spike tries to get Buffy to help him with Angelus a little earlier, until something happens.
A/N goes a little A/U after that. I lost my muse and then it came back leaving the episode open. Biggest squidges to enchantedroses for the extremely quick beta. Even though our time zones are horrendously different.

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angelmobile made by me

Inca Mummy Girl.

I meant to post earlier...Sorry about that. 

smittiekittie  is unable to write Inca Mummy Girl...anyone up for it?? 

Also after we finally get Season 2 written lol we will start posting for Season 3. Hopefully then we all won't be soo busy. 

Hope everyone is well!!!

Barb =)
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Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Twist

Author: Elizabeth Anne Summers
Title: Bewitched, Buggered, and Bewildered
Episode: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Some could be considered slightly non-con
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, but I’ll just create something better someday.
Summary: When Spike’s Valentine’s gift is spurned by Dru for Daddy’s gift, it’s the last straw and he gets a plan to make things right. He learns the hard way that magic is something not to be taken lightly.
Author's Notes: My Spike has his swagger still, just the way I like him. Other changes to cannon that will be apparent as you read. So read. ^.^ Thank you to DreamsofSpike for betaing this for me.

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twisted_spuffy rewrite of 'Ted'

Author: spikeslovebite
Title: Beg to Differ
Episode: Ted
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: In order to get around the whole wheelchair issue, I've started this tale by touching (and twisting) briefly on the previous episode, 'What's My Line'.

Disclaimer: It all belongs to Joss.
  While fighting her attraction for one vampire and fending off the unwanted advances of another, Buffy is also forced to deal with the fact that her mom has a new boyfriend. One that just might have his own plans for the Slayer.
Authors Note:
This is a continuation of 'Twisted Harvest' and 'Lessons Learned'.  It does help to have read these to follow the plot of this one. Thanks to kargrif for the kickass Banner, megan_peta for the kickass Beta, and to everyone else for NOT kicking my ass while I whined about finishing this up.
And of course LJ says the post is too big so I'll be posting in two parts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Manip13 - Bound Buffy

Bad Eggs Twist - Slave Master

Author: Elizabeth Anne Summers
Title: Slave Master
Episode: Bad Eggs
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual Situations, some of it is non-con so don’t read and complain if you that squicks you
Disclaimer: I don’t own BtVS, but I’ll just create something better someday.
Summary: Most of us have seen the episode, Bad Eggs, or are at least familiar with it. It has been given a major Spuffy-shaped twist. Spike wants revenge on the slayer and has a plan that pushes the limits. Like usual, his plan buggers up.
Author's Notes: My Spike has swagger. Changes to canon will be explained, so read on. Thanks to the betaing work of Meg and what little Sue did.

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Season Two Revisited ... Attention Authors

I want to thank everyone for their patience in this site's temporary hiatus. As many of you know, jerzeyanjel gave birth to baby Brooke on July 27th and has been a busy mama. I've had my sister's wedding (Oct), my grandfather's death (Nov), and my own health issues this winter.

But enough of that and back to the good stuff...Season Two Twists.

Authors, if you signed up originally to do an episode and can no longer contribute, please let us know. Also, if you are a writer who sees an opening and wants to write for this season, please let us know.

The List as it stands - What's been completed:
1. When she was bad - jerzeyanjel-- Completed!here
2. Some Assembly Required - thianna_no_miko -- Completed!here
3. School Hard - spikeslovebite -- Completed!here and here
4. Inca Mummy Girl - maryperk73703 -- Completed!here.
5. Reptile Boy - spikesdeb -- Completed!here and here and here
5. Halloween - slaymesoftly -- Completed!here
6. Ted - spikeslovebite -- Completed!here and here
7. Bad Eggs - liz_a_summers -- Completed!here
8. Phases - spikesdeb -- Completed!here
9. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered - liz_a_summers -- Completed!here
10. I Only Have Eyes For You - spikeskat -- Completed!here
11. Go Fish - spikeshunny -- Completed!here

What's Been Started, But Not Yet Completed:
1. Lie to Me - alwaysjbj -- Part One here

What's Not Been Posted:
1. The Dark Age - megan_peta //in progress//
2. What's My Line - dedra
3. Surprise/Innocence - diabola79
4. Passion - schehrezade_1 //in progress//
5. Killed by Death - oracleholly //in progress//
6. Becoming - megan_peta //in progress//

Re the deletion of two recent posts....

After discussing this matter with jerzeyanjel, I've deleted two recent posts which submitted videos to our community. Barb and I have been extremely busy in real life and haven't realized these posts occurred before this weekend. I couldn't find an email addy for the vidder - but I tried to send a comment to him before I deleted the posts.

This community is for FICS only where authors sign up to write certain episodes. I certainly commend the vidder for the quality of the vids posted; however, this is not the place for vids.